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Health & Safety at Work

Posted 8/5/2016

All Employees irrespective of their position have legal duty to:


Ensure the safety of themselves and colleagues.

  • Concentrate and control your actions.
  • Never assume, be careless, lazy, reckless, complacent and cynical.
  • Ensure safety equipment is used.

Observe and comply with all local safety rules and regulations applicable to the workplace and living place.

  • Ensure you understand the rules.
  • Don't take shortcuts.
  • Know Emergency Procedures.

Co-operate with your facility management company in maintaining safe work environment at all times.

  • Immediately report any observations, act of malpractice and non-compliance of your Supervisor or Manager.
  • Report any damaged equipment, helping prevent future accidents

The Three Enemies of Safety



If you are used to danger, you tend to overlook it, and it makes you careless and indifferent. Always be careful even if nothing has happened to you before, it may be too late afterwards!



Hasty movements impair your concentration and control, endangering you and others. Work calmly and at even pace, taking everything into consideration.



Always be aware of the other person who may not be observing the safety rules. No one wants to be the unlucky person who is in the right but lands in hospital.


Health & Safety - First Response

The First response to an accident is the most important.

Do you know what to do?

1. Assess the situation. Do not put yourself in danger.

2. Secure the area.

3. Preserve life.

 4. Do not move the casualty until assistance arrives.

 5. Send for help.

 Health & Safety - In Case of Fire



Sound Fire Alarm

  • Break glass point






Inform Civil Defense on 101






Attempt to extinguish fire

  • Using first-aid firefighting equipment (if available).


Switch off power supply if source of fire.


 Keep escape route in mind

  • Your life and then property.
  • Assist others towards emergency exits.

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